Andes (Freewrite Challenge)

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Source: Pixabay

He's a photographer, and an adventurer. Now famous for his lovely nature photographs. He hikes with other hikers in some of the highest peaks of the world. His next goal is to climb the Mt. Everest. However, he had some health issues recently, thus his doctor didn't allow him to climb.

Despite his success in photography field, it's been a struggle for him to achieve his dream. His father wanted him to become an engineer because it's been his dream unfulfilled. He was enrolled for engineering course, but his friend who knew about his passion has sent an entry for him to a photography and scholarship contest.

Gladly, he won the contest but his father is in opposition initially on his decision, but eventually allowed him to go. The first place which he visited for his photographs is the Andes, and some countries in South America. That's where he also studied, and worked with great photographers.

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