Build a Wall (Freewrite Challenge)

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She has no friends.
Doesn't trust anyone around.
From school to work.
Usually alone. Isolated.
Like she has her own world.
Her own world that's
separated from the planet
where she's in.
Weird. That's how she was perceived.

Everyone thinks she's unhappy.
Being alone doesn't make her
what people thinks.
Her own life, she enjoys.
She's alone outside her home.
Happy with her family around.

Build a wall between her
and the people she's not related with.
That's how she was raised.
Not to trust anyone.
Her mother used to
remind her she just
can't trust anyone.
Only her family can give joy to her.

But that kind of life is not normal.
We need to socialize.
But her life is about
alienated from other people.
She never had
a healthy relationship
with anyone outside of her
own circle, her family.

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