Dirty Windows (Freewrite Challenge)

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Source: Pixabay

It's a great evening with her family. A bonding which happens once a year. A reunion that's worth spending and attending to. After the dinner, she cleaned up the kitchen, as well as the entire house with her family. The balcony was also cleaned up, as visitors will be coming in the next day.

Time to rest, and everyone are already in their beds. A trembling of the ground happened. She was saddened because of the possible work it will leave the next day. Peeked outside her window, the volcano seems to emit some lava.

Woke up without the trembling anymore. Everything outside are dirty. The balcony needs to be cleaned, as well as the cars. Wiped out the dirty windows to be cleared. In her place, such scenario is common. She's not scared anymore because they're protected.

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