Glorious Opportunity (Freewrite Challenge)

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"Are you going to accept the offer or not? We're just going to show to the world that you love each other. It will bring in a huge amount of money. Why won't you just accept this glorious opportunity? You can give support for your family. As long as you know you are married, and love your family, there would be no problem. Your family will understand it's just for the show, and it will bring huge benefits for them. So please, just accept this movie." the film producer told him.

He paused for a while..

"Sir. Yes, being an actor, it is my duty to do my job. However, this is against my principles. It's like lying about my family. Just for a show? For you, it's just a show. How about the fans? What will they believe? I am not going to pretend as a single person. Besides, this might involve emotions. I haven't signed the contract yet so I have the right to decline. It doesn't matter if you're going to blacklist me for declining your offer to deceive my family, and the people. I quit."

And the producer and director are stunned...

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