Herbal Tea (Freewrite Challenge)

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She was diagnosed with an illness, which requires a therapy, and a series of medications. It got her frustrated after a few months without apparent improvement on her health despite taking her medications. She even felt weak during those times.

Her friend came for a visit, and brought herbal tea. Another one came selling her some food supplements. Being a good speaker, this friend had convinced her to buy some of the supplements. She was even promised that she can eat even the foods the doctor prohibited her to eat.

She ordered bottles of food supplements, and stopped the medications she was prescribed by the doctor. A few months later, her condition worsened. Symptoms of other illnesses appeared. When brought back to her doctor, her illness worsened to higher stage. It's not easy to treat her anymore. Still finding ways for a cure. If only she didn't stop her medication, then the illness could've controlled.

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