Organized Power (Freewrite Challenge)

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Are we really free that the mainstream media suggests? Or a make believe that our life is better than in past years or even present? Are the people in power decide accordingly to what would be beneficial to the majority of people? Or some laws are established for the benefit of a few?

We cannot say. We believed what we see from the surface. What about the other side of the coin? What does it suggests? Propaganda. It is a widespread thing that we don't often see. There goes the black and white, the yellow and the red. What we see are opposites.

Money. A motivation that we don't see. Power. Something that many people want to have. Control. It's in the hands of the few. Rule. Citizen's submission is what those in the throne wanted to impose. Is there an orgnaized power behind all these? Greed can easily control one's heart, and it's a sad thing. We are created with love, yet many has cooled down.

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