Singing (Freewrite Challenge)

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She was recruited to join a girl group as a completion before they will be announced to the public. Despite her below average voice quality, she accepted the offer because it's been her dream to become famous. Her beauty is enough to carry herself, and become another personality in the group.

She was given little solo parts in songs, or oftentimes at the back up. Despite her minimal talents in singing, she won the hearts of many either being an underdog or of her beauty. Her attitude on stage was also lauded. However, she was criticized by others for being so bland when performing. In fact, there's an issue which she's not really singing, instead lip syncing on her parts.

Years passed, she was invited to rejoin with the group. She declined as she's already happy with what the group has achieved. Her choice of career has given her the freedom to explore, and became more successful. She's still grateful of what she achieved in the group.

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