Social (Freewrite Challenge)

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Her mom helped with her gown to wear for the acquaintance party. She never attended such an event, while her mom encouraged her to attend to improved her social life. Never had a friend, a confidant. Being an introvert, she heads to her room when she gets home.

As she wears her gown, her mom told her how beautiful she is. She doesn't care about the trends with regards to clothing. Thus, she's often ignored in school, but she doesn't care. With proper make up and hair style, she looks like a different person.

In the party, some attendees are wondering who she is. No more eyeglasses, something she's known of. With her make up and hair style, some of the girls got envious, while men are in awe of her beauty. She walks in shyness thinking the people around thinks of her negatively, until this man, who's known as the heartthrob, approached her. The party changed her social life. In the university, some ladies tried to befriend her.

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