That Feeling (Freewrite Challenge)

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That feeling
when someone you loved so much is sick.
Never saw her in such condition.
Saying goodbye.
Words of farewell before her passing.

That feeling
you heard that she's already gone.
Shocked. Crying.
Endless tears.
Out of consciousness.

That feeling
when you realized
you can't see your mother anymore.
If only.
That "if only" is in your head
whenever you need her.
Whenever you remember her.

That feeling
when you found out
the only parent you have is ill.
"How will life be
without a parent?"
Such a question
in the head.

That feeling
when you learned
he's in critical condition.
Blanked head.
Darkened hope.
Sad. Depressed.
Tears won't fall.

That feeling
when you miss them.
You feel helpless.
See them
and hug them.
A comforting hug
is what you need.

Such a feeling.
That feeling.
You will know
when you're wearing
someone's shoes.
You will understand
such feeling.

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