What a Sad Sight / People are In of Need Rescue

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Screenshot here

We are currently being ravaged by a strong typhoon, and we are not spared. In fact, we don't have electricity since midnight, and strong winds are felt since then until now. We are just hoping that the typhoon will leave immediately soon.

Some friends of mine in our town are already flooded. They have been waiting for rescue from the local government, and nobody came yet. They're near from the evacuation center, and tried to go there to check but it is also close. Hoping they'll get rescued soon.

But what brought me to tears is to see the one in the picture above. The extreme floods cause the people to stay in their rooftops. Even a friend of my friend in Marikina City is already at their rooftops waiting for rescue. Hoping they'll get rescued soon. It might be people didn't expect it to be this bad, or even the government. No blaming, just help people who needs help. Do save them. Praying they're all be safe.

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