What Came Before (Freewrite Challenge)

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Young people are enjoying the technology they have now. With different gadgets, they can do whatever they want, something that doesn't exists during our time. Smartphones has been shaping people nowadays. What came before smartphones is the basic cellphones with physical keypads.

Remember those days, when Facebook is not the thing. All we can do is send a text message (which is worth 1 peso ib our country then). At least, we're happy during those simple days. Then came the unlimited texting and calls. Facebook at that time can be browsed through computers. Friendster is even a popular social networking site.

Now, people are more addicted on social media. Especially when pandemic came, people are stuck in their homes. They depend on Facebook for updates. It was everyone's pastime. Imagine when there's no Facebook. It will surely be boring for many people. However, social media was often misused. It isn't something we can really rely on.

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