Nothing is created without benefit

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In a vast meadow, after eating voraciously, a deer felt thirsty. He then looked for water sources around there. Not long after, he also found a small lake whose water was very clear. Unable to stand thirst, he immediately drank the water there to his heart's content. After being satisfied drinking the water, the deer then wanted to walk away. But something caught his attention. In the very clear water he saw his reflection. His strong and beautiful antlers made the deer see how strong he was. His horns were then moved to make sure that the shadow in the water was him. He then muttered, "How beautiful my horn is. I just realized that besides being strong and I can use to defend myself, this horn is very beautiful and charming".

He continued to admire the horns on top of his head. From the head, he looked at other parts of the body. Until the moment he saw his feet, the deer looked disappointed. "My legs are long, but small and thin. Really not worth the beauty of my horns. Why are my legs ugly like this?" He complained.

Unwittingly since in the lake, a lion apparently was stalking the deer. While hiding behind the bushes watching potential prey, the lion was about to take steps to run after the deer. Luckily, when he was about to come out of hiding to eat his prey, many birds around the bush were flying wildly. Hearing the sound of birds flying, the deer was surprised and realized that danger was threatening. So he ran as fast as he could. With his thin and thin yet strong legs, he ran and kept running. While the lion was still chasing him with all his might.

It turned out that with his small and slender legs, the deer can move swiftly. He also managed to run away from the lion and into the dense forest to hide. Survived from distress, the deer was beyond happy. This time he mumbled again. But no longer admire the beauty of the horns. The deer this time admired the strength of his legs. "Apparently, although your shape is not beautiful, but you are very strong. So that the lion could not eat me. Even though you are small and look thin, you have supported my body so strongly that I can run very fast. Thank you my feet."

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Dear steemians...
Everything created by God must have its own benefits and meanings. Therefore, do not let us be down by a situation that is all lacking, all minimal, and completely uncomfortable. Because it could be, that's where hidden extraordinary potential. Like when we face failure, we may be ashamed to tell it. When we are not successful at one thing, we will desperately try to cover it up. When we experience bad things, we are afraid to tell because it will be considered embarrassing. In fact, if we want to look at it from the positive side, all events that we consider negative will give many different nuances. When we fail, we can learn not to repeat the same thing. When we are less successful in one area, we can evaluate to find out what we can improve on more. When bad things happen, maybe it's time for us to take a break to take the best steps to achieve our dreams.

With "glasses" a more positive mindset based on the belief, that everything exists and happens because there is a good intention behind it. We will be more open to accept all conditions and more able/ready to face all tests and trials. With a positive outlook, then we will make obstacles and obstacles precisely as energy to achieve the success we desire.

Let's open our minds, expand our hearts, and expand our minds to be able to become human beings who are always grateful for all the gifts from God. So that we will be able to get past the predators who can turn off all hopes for our dreams. Keep fighting, be grateful for the situation and maximize all potential. Because success awaits us. Good luck to all of you.

This is all I can say in the #steemschools community. Hopefully useful for us for all. My greetings and respects to @dobartim, @flyksy and @ernaerningsih.


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