As Close as Tea and Coffee

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Tea and coffee are not just drinks, but works of art that are full of rituals when brewing and tasting them.

Tea is only three letters, but it can calm the soul and warm the body, in tune with the title. Hot, sticky, thick, and thousands of variants are so tempting.

Tea is not only capable of presenting a tasteless taste, but also sweet. Can be combined with anything to indulge the taste on the tongue. And it is like the colors of life. Sometimes tasteless, sometimes sweet, sometimes mixed up stirs the soul with taste.

There is a sour taste while enjoying lemon tea. Fresh taste when sipping fruit tea, warm like a lover's hug when drinking hot tea. And there is a passionate charm when enjoying milk tea. How exciting.

As for coffee, it's only one more letter than tea. No matter how perfect your coffee is, it's still coffee that has a bitter side that you can't possibly deny.

The coffee is really very honest, he doesn't like to look cute, let alone pretend to be sweet. That's how coffee leaves a wonderful lesson.


Are you still afraid of the bitterness of life, the bitterness of love?

Isn't it perfect precisely because of its bitter taste.

Coffee, tea, is a piece of poetry that you sip, you sip and you brew to accompany every time.

When the morning sun rises, when the heat of the afternoon is stinging, the twilight is approaching evening, in the cold that shakes the soul in the middle of the night. Sipping tea and coffee with all your heart, because life as sweet as a cup of tea or coffee, alone or when side by side, is still full of meaning.

Tea, coffee, like a lover. He's like a period. With him you will stop remembering anything else.

By @midiagam

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