Ayesha, be Happy Always

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Oh Aisyah, no one is like you, always be happy wherever you are.

This is the prayer of my heart.

You have found a life companion love.

I lost a hug from a friend.

There is so much that needs to be said, but today there is very little time left.

Everything about you, it's our first time meeting.

Memories will make me cry after you leave.

No one like you Aisyah.

The meeting and farewell were all up to God.

Making or breaking, is a matter of luck.

We are just puppets and you have to believe in that.

People who love never take defeat, trust me friends.

Everyone has spoken in their hearts, no one knows what's in my heart, no one knows you are important to me.

Lost in a moment of happiness, how can I ever forget it.

Nobody is like you Aisyah, always be happy wherever you are.

By @midiagam


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