Happy World Health Day

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April 7, 1950, the World Health Organization, or (WHO) set this date as World Health Day.

This celebration also commemorates the establishment of WHO, which was born two years earlier.

The commemoration aims to invite the public to pay more attention and care to global health problems. Each year the anniversary takes on a different theme. And this year WHO raised the theme "Food health", namely how to choose and make healthy food.


Wow, this fits perfectly. Because there are many myths circulating in the community that diet is not delicious, you can't eat. Even though it's not like that.

According to personal experience, I felt that way at first. There is an adaptation too, because we are accustomed to spices, once we are given healthy food, how come there's no seasoning, huh? But over time looking for the original taste of the food, I finally enjoy it now.

Try to eat healthy foods without spices. Once I want to eat spicy food, my stomach hurts, I don't accept it anymore. That means, yes, all this time we have a messy stomach-flavored food. But the Indonesian people say that if you don't eat something that tastes strong, it's strong, it seems like it's not enough.

Please just add some spices, but what you have to pay attention to is the butter content, then the fat that comes from a lot of oil, and also salt. Yes, because salt can bind water in our bodies. Because it's like a woman who wants her body to look slimmer. Maybe it's because he eats too much salt, so his body is cheery

Greetings always compact.

By @midiagam

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