Uncertain Expectations

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Always many times, I'm not careful
Walking into the forest filled with sadness

I think I will sleep well with a heart filled with love
But it still wakes up in the middle of the night

Without realizing it always think of you
This panic attacks me until I can't close my eyes
Like a shadow that has gone far

Still leaning in your arms
Lonely alone
Walking while looking at the shadow of a pair of lovers walking hand in hand affectionately

Makes me forget what I'm looking for
Waiting for tomorrow to come or waiting for the past to return?

Always missing something when I almost have it
If only time could turn back

The flash of fireworks in the night sky reflects my heart
Are all those memories starting to get dusty now?

Always want to go back to the past after experiencing this separation
No matter how much loneliness I've been waiting for this

The flash of fireworks that night reflected my heart
An endless wait that will last forever.

By @midiagam



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