Call of Duty is already preparing to nerf the AS VAL, the weapon that wreaks havoc in Modern Warfare and Warzone

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For a week now, Season 6 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone has been available. Activision's stronghold duo is more active than ever and, in order to maintain that extensive momentum, they continue to add more and more content, which translates into new characters, game modes, cosmetics and, of course, weapons. However, the AS VAL, an unprecedented assault rifle that is achieved by reaching Battle Pass level 31, has generated a not very positive reaction within the gaming community, especially when, under certain specific modifications, it is capable of Assassinate enemies hundreds of meters away through multiple thick walls..

In that regard, just after starting the season, TheXclusiveAce, a YouTube user focused on the titles in question, shared a video in which he shows exactly how unheard of the power of this new weapon is when it has a 10-round magazine, the which contains a larger perforation for the projectiles. Thanks to this, its wearer is able to deliver shots not only from an extremely long distance but also to pierce entire walls in order to achieve impact. There are even videos on Twitter that show demonstrations of this in-game reality, as you can see below:



However, as Dexerto reports, Infinity Ward is fully aware of this reality according to what can be seen in their Trello table, a platform where they describe it as a known problem and for which they are already preparing an update. However, until it proceeds, AS VAL will continue to be the headache of hundreds of thousands of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone players, just as FAMAS did long ago.

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