"Photo hunt!" Week #6 - Gifts of nature | cherry blossoms

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Hi friends.
I am @abundancelife from Taiwan.
How is everyone? Hope everybody is well. I'm fine too.
Thanks @steemit-family for oraganizing competition.
I took this photo 2 years ago when I travelled to Ithaca, New York , U.S.
From the photo, you can see the pretty Cherry blossoms during the spring time.
They are so pretty that I could help to take a shot.
The name of the device that I used is IPhone 6.
Thanks for your reading.
Hope you like it.
Have a good day, my friend.


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Hello! Very beatiful!

Thanks 😊 Glad u like!

Суперские цвета на фото!

это потрясающая фотография. в ней столько красоты, нежности и цвета, что невозможно оторваться)