Music Video Highlight #04

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Joe Mettle - My Everything

Joseph Oscar Nii Armah Mettle whose birth year is a secret is a Christian gospel musician from Ghana. He’s the first gospel artist to win artist of the year in Ghana’s music awards.

This track is titled My Everything and Joe means to say, God is his everything. It’s a lovely tune that came out in 2019. His songs has inspired many and he’s got a big following here. This song is a praise song to praise his maker.

Meant to post yesterday but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to.

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Beautiful 🎶🎶🎶

It’s a beautiful song.

It definitely is thanks again for sharing can't wait to see what you share tomorrow if you get a chance 👍🏾


Oh wow, this is fantastically wonderful, I love it 🤩😁😍

Thank you. Glad you like