Walk around and parks (Limehouse bow east London ) part 12

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Hello everyone here's a series of photographs I took of some beautiful graffiti art while walking around next to a skate park a good few weeks ago look at this beautiful graffiti art on the wall it's a master piece and there's more
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Here's another photograph I took of some more beautiful graffiti art this graffiti art was under a little bridge next to the skate park look at this beautiful design the graffiti artists around here are very talented

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Here's a photograph i took looking up under the bridge there's even graffiti art up there


Here's another photograph I took of some more graffiti art under the bridge I've still got more photographs to share but you will have to wait until the next part for that and believe me the next part you are going to love the graffiti I might go there again as they change the graffiti art a lot

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