Timely treatment should be done to prevent diseases.

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Hello friends, now winter has started. Children always become very sick in this. It increases the coming diseases. So always take care of yourself. Enjoyed this season. You only have to keep a few things in mind. Generally, problems related to colds like colds, cough, pneumonia, joint pain, nose, ears, throat increase. Therefore, timely treatment is most important. That is why we need a doctor. But you can also treat it at home. We must move with the times. As the weather changes. The clothes should be used in the same way.

The most common problem is cold. It is a type of virus infection. It spreads from one to the other. Therefore, it should always have the right amount in the body A, B, C. Swine flu is also very serious. But it needs to be treated on time. In this, you see symptoms of fever, headache, body pain, body sluggishness. We should pay special attention to food. Always take Protein. Some people have problems with breathing.


You must have seen that talk about the pain of winter. Nowadays you can see. That the winter is getting too much. In this, the problem of pain in our muscles increases. There is only one reason for this. Most of the disease increases with age that the blood starts shrinking in winter. This problem increases when it is fifty years old. Vitamin D should always be used for this. Our body does not get Vitamin D in full quantity. It should always be taken care of.

Now let's talk. Treatment should always be known. First of all you should do yoga on time. Yoga keeps our body fit. It is beneficial in many diseases like fever, cold, cold etc. Therefore, take medicines on time. And always consult your doctor. Green leafy vegetables should be consumed. For example, milk, cheese, lentils, gram, etc. should be taken.

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