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When you have kids, you have to become a kid with them. Kid's activites could be boring for us but if we start taking an interest in their activities and help them to explore their imaginations, it becomes quite interesting.
My son is 11 years old and always indulge in various activities. I helped him to start his own youtube channel. He always comes up with a new idea to make a new video. When I see his energy level and enthusiasm for any activity I couldn't stop myself to become a kid and indulge with him to complete his project.
Recently he came to me with an idea, which he found somewhere on the internet, of making a 3D hologram model I helped him to make a new video for his channel. I also asked him to shoot starting seen himself without taking help from me and he did a good job.
Here below is my kid's new video.

Do you have a kid in yourself?



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