Covid19 world report

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covid world report as on 26th June 2020




source Ndtv
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can you please tell me how to use autovote .

login to website

then do whatever you want. If you don't understand any particular thing ask me, if i know i will explain you. (clearly explain me what you required with this site)

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Right time you have to decide. The good time is after 5 min, but if major upvote comes before 5min then you should upvote before them. The first 5min of post upovte, the some part of reward goes back to reward pool. It depends on your timing after few second max reward goes back.
So better clarity, you should upvote on those post, where major upvote comes after 5min and you should upvote before that.

For autovote you can click on 'Fanbase' and set the require author, time, vote % etc to use auto voting. Also set your require min voting mana limit in 'Dashboard', so that less than this limit auto voting not work.

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