The morning starts with tea.

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Hello everyone, I need a cup of tea as soon as I wake up in the morning. But when I was at my house. So my mother used to give me tea in the morning. But now I have to give tea to everyone. So I give tea to my mother first. Then I drink myself tea. There are a few things to consider before making tea. I take milk first. My husband always needs tea. But now they have stopped drinking tea. That's why I make tea for myself. First take milk, then take tea leaves. It is followed by ginger.


My son is sleeping now. Always getting up late there. He gets up and watches TV first. Children like to watch cartoons. My son watches cartoons all day. I have stopped sending out. Corona infection is increasing rapidly. Therefore, I also ask others to stay at home. But I am worried. Even after making the vaccine, there is a danger for us. The first days were very good. Everyone lived with happiness. But now everyone lives in house. And this danger is increasing daily.

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