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Hello friends of steemit, I want to share with you the image of a beautiful flower well known in my country Venezuela by those who feel they have bad luck or (pava), Venezuelan expression that is said to people who always go wrong in everything in their life, be it in love, at work, health, finances and everything that can be attributed.

In my country a popular saying is said; you're going to have to take a bath with a purple cariaquito, heh heh

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Common Name: Cariaquito Morado
Scientific Name: Lantana trifolia L.
Thematic garden: Useful Plants: Medicinal



Subshrub 30-2 m, sub-rounded branches, tetragon or hexagonal and pubescent when young; leaves opposite or in whorls of three rare four leaves, ovate to oblong ovate 5-12 long and 2.5-4 wide, with acute or briefly acuminate apex, crenate serrated edge, attenuated at the base and decurrent with petioles, petioles 4-12 mm; spiky inflorescences subcapitated when young, then cylindrical and elongated up to 5 cm, densely multifloral, small flowers up to 12 mm long, protected by bracts up to 10 mm long purple corollas, tube 5-6 mm; drupe fruit about 2-3 mm diameter purple or purplish.


Use and Curiosities:

In addition to their bathrooms to attract good luck, and remove the "kettle" they have the following uses; The leaves and flowers have emmenagogue properties, correcting menstruation and blood flows, it also has stomachic, carminative properties, and they have also been used to cure chronic flu and to improve liver problems. The leaves and flowers are rich in essential oil with caryophylenes, aldehydes and alkaloids such as lantanin, very similar to quinine and with an antispasmodic effect, they also have mucilage, tannins and resin; immature fruits are toxic, their toxicity is manifested by the following symptoms, muscle weakness, rapid pulse and breathing difficulties and vascular collapse.



Foto original/ @shamira16 / Apure-Venezuela / 5/4/21

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