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Bitanium claims to be one of the first self-sovereign proof-of-liquidity ERC20 tokens in existence.

They are releasing 200,000 Bi tokens in 10 or more liquidity pools on 10th of July, 2020. Yes, Bi will have only 200K of maximum supply.

If you ever provided liquidity on Uniswap, you know how it works.

Bitanium is going to cater decentralized liquidity pools for following trading pairs:
ETH, COMP, USDT, DAI, KNC, GHOST, BAT, LINK, REP, 0x and perhaps more.

Bi tokens are trading around $0.11 at the time of writing.

Inclusion of GHOST token for providing liquidity makes me happy as I hold some of those 🙂

I've never provided any liquidity to any pool but wanted to get involved with small funds to just get an experience and learn something.

Staking rewards are more attractive for many tokens these days. I was wondering if it will have any negative affect on decentralized liquidity pools.

I don't know much math but had read an article that explains why HODLing is better than providing liquidity to Uniswap in case of price fluctuations.

Wouldn't it be better to get secure staking rewards than providing liquidity to pools?

Although I ain't seriously considering to provide liquidity (as I don't have anything significant with me) but am interested to learn more about it.

So would you like to share your experiences on providing liquidity vis-a-vis staking rewards; or even HODLing?

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Just heard about proof of liquidity mechanism.. Interesting.. But why only 200,000 tokens?

  ·  28 days ago (edited)

Total numbers of tokens are usually just arbitrary. Would Bitcoin's market cap be any different if its max supply were only 200 thousand instead of 21M?

More important thing to note imo is that no new Bi will ever be minted or burnt.

I see.. Seems you're right about the number of tokens.. :-)