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Most of us are proponents of decentralization and would like to keep our Crypto funds safe in decentralized wallets instead of some custodian wallets.

But even though we are aware of risks related to centralised exchange (CEx), we don't always use DEx to trade, owing to to several reasons; volume, speed and convenience being primary.

But would you ever like to keep your funds in custody wallets to earn some interest on your HODLed investment? What are the factors that compel you to opt for Ce-Fi wallets over De-Fi?

A couple of days back. I faced this same dilemma.

Of course, I love the De-Fi projects like Maker DAO. But Block-Fi was offering me an irresistible offer.

Can you deny a a free gift of $100 on a small deposit of $200?

Block-Fi was actually offering $100 free gift with no strings attached for making a first deposit of $200 to its interest earning account. You only needed to keep your funds with them for a minimum of 78 days. They were also offering an interest on my deposit with them for this period in addition to $100.

Honestly speaking, I was sold on it and I deposited the required initial funds to this Ce-Fi custodian wallet.

$100 is a significant amount for me and I can risk losing $200 for sake of it. And tbh, going by the reputation of Blockfi, I don't see any probability of losing my capital.

But will this act of mine, instill in me a bad habit of not adhering to good investment discipline; I am still thinking over it.

How many of you didn't grab this Blockfi offer because of it's not being a De-Fi instrument?

Or did some of you think that you missed on this offer? Well, you still have an opportunity to get $10, if you so wish.

Here is my referral link to create your own Blockfi interest earning account, which will give you $10 on creating an account and funding it with $100:

To avail a one time bonus of $10 worth BTC, you will need to maintain a deposit of $100+ worth of crypto or stablecoin for a minimum of 30 days to your BlockFi Interest Account (BIA),

I know, many prefer Ce-Fi over De-Fi because of their user friendly interface and an excellent customer support. What's your reason to use Ce-Fi?

What are your thoughts on this and what would you have done if you were in my feet?

I'd like to know your honest opinion on this decentralized tech and if it's affecting your investment choices.

Thank you!

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