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Hey friends!

I'm very excited to tell you that Foodie Pizza Day has become a reality.

Today I literally got to eat my FOODIE tokens for my lunch. See what I got for my 10000 FOODIE:


Yeah, it's a pizza! But it's not an ordinary Pizza you are looking at! This is going to be the part of the crypto history.

I got this pizza in response to my post titled Anyone up for 10000 FOODIE coins for delivering me a pizza? on Bitcoin Pizza day.

On Bitcoin Pizza day in 2010, two Pizzas were delivered for 10000 Bitcoins. But I got only one because that's what I asked for.

Let me tell you why this pizza delivery was worth so much more:

  1. This was a 100% vegan pizza.
  2. Vegan Pizza Bakers are very rare to find in my city.
  3. There is no home delivery service for vegan pizza in my city, to my knowledge.
  4. My city is currently under strict lockdown state. It has been declared containment area and classified under the most dangerous red zone for the spread of Corona pandemic. Many parts of the city are under curfew. So there is no commercial pizza Bakery open.
  5. Pizza was 100% home baked from scratch, with professional grade standard and sustainably packaged in metal plate wrapped under cotton cloth. It was delivered steaming hot, right at my lunch time.

What more can you ask for?

And did I mention, I didn't have to pay in Bitcoins? In fact I paid with some tokens on Hive Engine sidechain on Hive blockchain.

I paid with 10,000 FOODIE:


This historic moment was recorded on Block Number:304843 vide
Transaction Id:"52edbdde37c587ca7067e54d3c3780448b1b44f6" 😀

As I said in my previous post, that buyer is more important than a seller because it is the buyer who values the digital asset in question. So I am very grateful to the buyer @chetanpadliya, who himself home delivered this pizza to me.

One more thing:
No photograph of any pizzas exist that were bought for 10,000 Bitcoins in 2010. But here, we have the real photograph of the pizza that was delivered for 10,000 Foodie tokens.

That's what makes this pizza and foodie tokens special!

Thank you once again to all FOODIE community ans esp. to @chetanpadliya for making this possible!

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good one.

Thank you!

it's very testy.

Yup, it was yum!