Has STEEM HF-23 Already Scheduled or Hive Community is Spreading Rumours? steemCreated with Sketch.

in hive-159906 •  2 months ago  (edited)

Heard from Hive community that Steem is planning a secret Hard Fork 23 in the next couple of days.

I learnt from @netuoso's following tweet that code for this HF-23 is not available for review to the public:


But rumours have it that this hard fork may reduce the power down period to 30 days from current 13 weeks. We don't know anything for concrete yet, whether the power down period will be changed or not; or whether it will be changed to 7 days or 4 weeks. However if we go by the rumours and if power down period is actually changed to 4 weeks, then we can expect good sell pressure on STEEM and a lot of Buy orders for HIVE. Most of the Hivers have been waiting for their STEEM power down to convert them into HIVE. So I expect a rush for selling STEEM and in buying HIVE as soon as this power down is available..

I fear, this may lead a decline in STEEM price.

However, it's already been two months to Hive hardfork and many have already got their 8-9 weeks of powered down STEEM, so reducing the period to one month now may not make much difference to these people. But there are many who were a bit late in starting their power down.

I also learnt that Blocktrades has already announced the disabling of support to STEEM from May 19th onwards. Because according to rumours, the Hardfork is scheduled for May 20th.

If nothing as such is planned then Steem Witnesses should respond accordingly and communicate it clearly so that Exchanges like Blocktrades shouldn't over react to rumours.

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