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A few days back, when Tron came out with its version 4.0, Justin Sun initiated the following poll on Twitter:


The poll is obviously trying to demonstrate Tron's superiority over Ethereum. JS even tagged Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin in this thread. But he never responded to it.

Yes, Ethereum has yet to come up with its version 2.0 which probably will be the industry's first migration of a functional PoW blockchain to PoS chain and is taking a long time to achieve it.
But Tron 4.0 is already here.

However, initially crypto community back fired and didn't show any trust or hope in Tron 4.0 with about 70% votes coming in favour of Ethereum.
But by the end of the poll, Tron won.

However, it received a lot of criticism afterwards with allegations of vote-buying:




Some even started a fresh poll on their own timeline to showcase the fair results.


But I was astonished when I saw today that Huobi too started a similar poll without naming Tron or Ethereum.
Now, what does that imply?


If JS bought votes for his poll, can't he do the same for this poll too?
So what's the purpose of such a poll by Huobi?

To one of the tweets, it replied:

Okay, it's anybody's guess.
If you want to get involve in the fun, go, participate in this poll here.


And in some unrelated updates:

Oh, by the way, Huobi is also running a $5000 task-based bounty. If you want to participate in this simple tasks to join in, here is my referral link to it:

And did you ever recharge your mobile phone with crypto? How fast can you do that?
Here is a contest from Bitrefill where you can win $100 Bitrefill Balance card ...but hurry up! It's the last day today for it.
I ain't participating in it so no referral link to it. But you can [go here if you wish to participate])(


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Be careful what you say about Justin on here he just had my whole account wiped!