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A listing on Coinbase Exchange is the ultimate magic wand for any coin out there.

Yesterday coinbase announced, "Maker (MKR) is launching on Coinbase Pro:


...and in came the bulls:


CoinMarketCap Chart image

The prices of MKR suddenly jumped from under $350 to over $500.

All that because of Coinbase name!

But the thing we should keep in mind is that this is just a US listing.

The listing of MKR on Coinbase had happened last year itself but it failed awfully with no transactions. The difference was USA. Yes, US was not included in its previous launch:

In April 2019, Coinbase Pro launched support for MKR in a limited number of jurisdictions. Due to limited liquidity, these books failed to meet our metrics for a healthy market and did not proceed to trading, meaning no trades were executed.

👆 Please keep this in mind while making any decision about your trade in Maker (MKR).
I just wanted to drop this little cautionary note.

Thank you!

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