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Today, I was just wondering about how much can one earn by doing nothing but just staking or powering up their coins.

Earlier in the day, I had written a post on Hive chain about my passive earnings from my Hive Power. You know how much Return on Investment I get from staking my HIVE and curating content on that chain?

It's 15% APR taking into account this week's curation activity.

So I thought to compare this with Steem Power earnings.

For this, I chose an actively curating account of my friend @mehta as it has some sizable SP too.
In last 7 days, he earned a curation reward of 234.18 averaging 33.45 per day.


Extrapolating this figure over 30 days, he is receiving about 1003.63 STEEM per month over an investment of 44,268.28 STEEM.

This comes to be a whopping 27.20% APR

Where else can you get such insane returns!

And this is when he liberally spread his votes to all posts in his LAKSHMI community. That must be taking some toll on his curation efficiency.

So I've reached to the conclusion:

You can easily get twice as much passive rewards on STEEM as with HIVE

What would you prefer?

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we know ;-)


I prefer STEEM due to the massive passive rewards.

Very good information! Thank You!

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