RE: What if I told ya Stellar Staking Marathon is a SCAM?

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What if I told ya Stellar Staking Marathon is a SCAM?

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I'm so sorry for your loss! But if you know about the identity and whereabouts of the person who ripped you off, you should directly register a complaint to cyber crime department in your city.

I don't see any point in giving away $10K reward for just tracing the wallets, where your funds landed. It won't get you your funds back.And you yourself can trace that from respective block explorers for all coins in your wallets.

But it will be difficult if you had downloaded your wallet to a desktop from some phishing websites like,,,,,, or These are known phishing sites for Jaxx wallet with malware payloads.

You should tell the complete story as for how it all happened. But it will be better to get in touch with your cyber crime department for it.

Hope it helps. Best of luck!

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Thanks for your response.
No cyber crime department here in Abbotsford.
I am pretty sure it was Jaxx Liberty Official site, but Where in my downloads would you suggest to look to see if a phishing website was used? If you don't mind, please.

thanks , some have suggested this company;