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Today I was just wondering about the use cases of HBD and SBD.

People buy HIVE or STEEM for investing and powering them up. But what do they buy HBD and SBD for?

Have you ever bought HBD or SBD? Why? What purpose did it serve you?

Way back on Steem, I remember, there were several bots for buying paid upvotes. All those bots used to accept only SBDs. But once the SBD printing throttled and stopped, it led to a huge demand for SBD in the markets. Gradually, all bot owners started accepting both SBD as well as STEEM from their customers. That took off much of the buy pressure from SBD.

Once the SBD/USD & HBD/USD peg became unreliable, it lost its appeal of stable currency for acceptance as payment of goods and services.

On the other hand, there are many people who sell their HBD/SBD for HIVE/STEEM or for cashing out.

So I am just a little curious about who's buying SBD or HBD and what for?

Is there really something I'm missing out on?
Please tell me what you do with your SBD/HBD.

Thank you!

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