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She thought: What a tremendous lot I have failed to think through! Yet I always thought I thought through things so well!

Well, this flows so well.

Aisha looked at the large man who had eaten her snacks and barely interacted with her friends splayed on the couch. She wasn’t going to be rude in the moment, though he certainly was being, with his rudely long body, but she was certainly never going to invite him to another function. While he snoozed, the party naturally anti-gravitated away from him, as if he anti-gravity field…? Everyone wound up in the kitchen, which was then very crowded. But no one wanted to hover near his sleeping form.

Sad, thought Aisha. Sad sad man. Does he know he is rude? Is he so unaware of his length and overabundance that he loses the opportunity to make friends through sheer misfortune? What a guy.

She spent the better part of the next two days hoping for his sake that he someday would become self-aware. On Monday, she returned to work, determined to talk to him, in case he simply had never known what was apparent to everyone around him, but he was not at work.

Of course everyone misses work from time-to-time, so she thought nothing of it.

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Oh, now you have to tell us!!

So now like a few I am sure we are waiting to see what happens. It is like I dropped in to the middle book of something, had to look at book one, and now wait for book 3. Such has been my reading life.

All the greatest authors, with the most rabid fans, never finish the series.

I'm waiting, Patrick Rothfuss. I'll finish mine when he finishes his.

I will have to check his stories out, no doubt I will find book 2 or 3 in a multi book series and will have to then hunt and find the first ones. We do have some good used book stores up here, it is not hard to spend a lot of time in them, they are not well organized.

If you really want to drop into the middle of something epic, I think L.E. Modesitt, Jr. is the best for that.

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