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Here, today, I was almost tempted to not post, but really, really really,

I’m pretty sure none of the powerful Steem holders has my best interests or the best interests of the platform at heart. Maybe some of them think they do, but… I can’t say I agree with a single thing that- well, that’s not fair. There are a few things that are better. But the overall experience has gotten progressively worse for the past 2 years.


Bulging eyes.

Our eyes bulged when first we saw that the witnesses had used their control to implement a soft fork to take power away from Tron’s Justin Sun. Then they bulged again when Exchanges powered up the stakes they were holding to take the power away from the witnesses.

Really, I think “decentralized” as in “20 people” and/or “whoever controls the most SP” is not.

Bulging eyes.

Everything we’re doing, if our hearts were in the right place, would be about distributing the SP more widely, along the principles of entrusting more and more people with small bits of power so that, indeed, we could be reaching consensus.

Consensus doesn’t mean, “the most powerful have decided”. It’s more akin to, “everybody, or at least enough of everybody who has a stake in the system that is significant to them, has agreed…”

I dunno. I dunno.

Just, can you believe it? Can you believe anyone cares? This little nothing platform has… drama. I feel badly for myself, having invested as much as I have and taken nothing out. I feel, a little, for the folks who have invested more… but mostly I feel for the folks who had hope that this turns-out-to-have-been-rotten thing would be a hand up out of poverty, if they worked hard and loyally gave their time and perseverance too.

Insert swear words here.

Not super useful, I know. But, whatever. If there are little things that matter in the world, my swearing here isn’t one of them.

I wonder if lovers of capitalism will downvote me.

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I feel you! This has been the worst. I think where we definitely agreed on things was the principles laid out for Steem.

Bulging eyes is right.

Ah, the halcyon days of 2018.

Ahh the heavy sigh as little ones swim harder against the flow.

What's the difference between 20 witnesses controlled by one man or another? Only the names of those in control has changed. Time will tell if this new director is good or bad for the platform as a whole.

The veneer of decentralization is gone. Though it was but a mask, an unmasked power can be more dangerous.

I just checked to see if the price of Steem was taking a nose dive and it's not, so I'm not about to start panicking. Who knows... this guy might actually make things better for the little people. I'm staying optimistic.