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We are eye witnesses to the history lived in our lives. Will blockchain technology in general, and the .... oh, I already don't care.

Eye witness news!

"You won't believe it. He had five eyes-" "Yeah, FIVE! and, well, was it a he?" "Oh yeah, I DON'T KNOW! It was a tangle of tentacles and eyes. I guess I assumed one of those appendages was a-" "And it was fifteen feet tall-" "Wide." "Yes, WIDE. It wasn't so tall, but it still made us feel teeny-" "tiny, like we were just guppies in an ocean." "It belonged in an ocean! Like a kraken, but this was in-" "I mean, right here! It was just over there. You can see the slurpy slime on the sidewalk." "They say anything can happen in New York City, well, this isn't New York!" "Still, we have our claims to fame-" "Sure, great cheese curds," "And the Kettle Moraine is a unique and beautiful place." "Holy hill, and did you know we have the most undisturbed animal-shaped burial mounds in Lizard Mound park?" "and you better believe the Fox and Hound is a bona fide good restaurant." "Anyways, this monster-" "Or, I dunno, is that fair-" "Sure, what's a monster, really?"

"I dunno."
"I dunno."

And of course, this is my first post in a new communities world, so let's see what that really means!
I ...am not sure how I feel about communities. I was all for it... but now it seems like it's harder for there to be cross pollination... you can just stick to your little world and never wander into others.

I guess it's ok. Hopefully I will make a habit of exploring just what's out there.


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