Every NOW will Always be New...

in hive-161155 •  2 months ago 

Would you drink a very hot cup of coffee immediately?? Nah.. we always let it cool down first or at least be warm before taking it...


Like in our lives.. we all have experienced .. been experiencing and will definitely experience a lot of challenges.. it can be very hard and have pushed you to your limit.. some may have made you really tired and exhausted , made you angry.. made you disappointed..

But how are you gonna handle it? It would be best if we would let negative feelings boil down first and let it pass.. if we believe that life is how hard it is and will look on the positive side of things, we definitely can heal.. can stand up again and can survive...

Do not let your downtimes define who you are.. make it your motivation to trigger you to be the best version of yourself .. Let the lessons of life teach you but free yourself from the grudges of the past..

You are a human ,yes! You are hurt and will leave a scar.. but you see the truth? You are still healed.. as long as life exist..


If you'll choose to let go of the pain of the past..EVERY NOW will always be NEW..

much love,

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