A short analysis on Fund Member MAPX

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Today I would like to mention one of our oldest members of the Fund, MAPX @accelerator FinTech vote-bond. With a narrow 10,000 max supply, with staking, this is one of the most unique original Fund management tokens created on STEEM by the loquacious @rycharde.

The first important thing to note is the staking. Created when staking was still free, we can see that 7467 of 10,000 total MAPX are being staked right now! As the liquid float continues to tighten up, I am excited to see what will happen to the price of this limited membership token.

The maximum membership in MAPX comes with staking 1000 MAPX. At full capacity, there can only ever be 10 full members, and that would be at zero float!

The Fund is happy to stay at 1000 as other accounts attempt to do the same. Currently there are 4 full members, including the Fund itself.

The ABV is really starting to grow organically here. While the liquid float gets sucked off the market, the Vote Value per token has finally fallen below par, for the moment. This is going to be a tough token to get your hands on, but as few as 10 staked tokens can be enough to activate the lottery prizes and trendo tokens.

Here is some more information from the project manager himself:

So while this is not a token that we trade in and out of everyday, the low supply, low volume and high utility make MAPX a votebond we are proud to have in our portfolio.

This is not advice. It is History. Do your own Homework.

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