Feast of My Father's Homeplace

in hive-169461 •  2 months ago 

Hello Everyone☺☺☺

Hope all is good and safe😘😘😘

Im here setting at the front of my fathers ancestrals home. Its fiesta here in the place were my father was born. Every fiesta we always come here rain or shine. Its not the party why we come her its about the time me and my cousins on father sides got to bond.Its the only day we were get along.

But sad to say were not complete anymore. Some are in luzon already and cant go home yet because of this pandemic. Were all praying that this pandemic will now end. So that were gonna be reunited.

That's all for now everyone. Keep safe always. God Bless and Thank you for your unending support to my blog always☺☺😘

truly yours,


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