The Capitol Grounds (This Side of Lingayen - Part 2)

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I shared some parts of our town in my recent post, and I'd be glad to share more. Lingayen remains as a municipality despite the goal for cityhood more than a decade ago. There are a lot of progress yet there's no word from the incumbent mayor regarding its goal for cityhood.

Meanwhile, I'll continue with the virtual tour to my town. This side of Lingayen is close to where I live, and I can come to visit anytime I want. However, COVID-19 is still here scaring people to go outdoors.

Capitol Grounds

At the northernmost area of Maramba Boulevard, you'll reach the Capitol Grounds. The Capitol Grounds is where the government buildings and offices are located. Inside the compound is the Aguedo Agbayani Park, Lingayen Gulf Landings Shrine, Provincial Capitol Building, Land Transportation Office, Regional Trial Court, Land Registry Office, Malong Building, Kalantiao Building, and others.


Heading north is the Provincial Capitol Building, and you'll enter Aguedo Agbayani Park first.


There goes the statue of former Pangasinan Governor Aguedo F. Agbayani, and the facade of the Provincial Capitol Building. It's hardly seen in the picture because of the lens of the camera, as usual.


Statue of Governor Aguedo F. Agbayani. At the background is the way to the Provincial Capitol Building.


The commemorative plaque as a tribute to the late and former Gov. Agbayani.



There's lush of greens over the park where you can do picnicking, and trees serving as shelter. Have a blanket, and spread over the grass. But have a look if there are ants or else you'll be mobbed by them.

Provincial Capitol Building

The center of the Capitol Grounds is of course the Provincial Capitol Building. It is where the center offices of Pangasinan government, including the Governor, as well as provincial board members.


The facade of the Provincial Capitol Building
The Provincial Capitol Building has an old design, and was designed by Daniel Burnham, a popular architect who also designed Burnham Park (named after him), constructed in 1917 which was finished a year after. However, it was damaged severely during the World War 2. Reconstruction was finished in 1949, and renovation was done in 2007. Thus, prior 2007, it wasn't as beautiful as how it is currently.


There are some events when the stage was being set up at the front of the building.


At each side of the building, there are gardens where you can relax to, a perfect place to stay during afternoon.


Inside the Capitol Building. There's a seal of Pangasinan at the center. The spiral stair case in the background is the way to the second floor, and the rooftop.


The chandelier in the building. I captured this with my old Blackberry phone, thus the difference of the photo quality.


The plaque during the rehabilitation of the Capitol Building which started in 2007 which ended and inaugurated in 2008, with the names of the politicians involved with the construction at that time.


The plaque of reconstruction of the Capitol Building after the severe damage caused by the World War 2. Lingayen Gulf is where Americans landed, and the lands surrounding the gulf, especially Lingayen, became battle grounds between the forces of America and Japan.


In this area of the building is where the pictures and names of those who became governors of Pangasinan.

Too bad, I'm unable to tour in some offices because we were not allowed that time. The door to rooftop was also closed, and I only saved one photo from the rooftop of the building.


From the rooftop of the Capitol Building, that mansion is the official residence of the governor of Pangasinan. It was called Urduja Building, which was named after the Pangasinan heroine Princess Urduja. At the background, the beach can be seen. That picture was captured using my old Blackberry phone too.


Captured at the back of the Capitol Building showing bits of Manila.

Some buildings inside the Capitol Grounds

There are buildings within the Capitol Grounds that are built several decades ago. It includes Malong Building, named after ancient Pangasinan king Andres Malong. It was constructed around 1950s, and undergone major facelift more than a decade ago.

Back in December 2019, Pangasinan had "around the world" trip featuring different places in some parts of Lingayen. At the facade of Malong Building featured Singapore.


At Maong Building facade.


Of course, there's Marina Bay Sands where visitors can capture photos.


Of course, the Merlion will not be left out, minus the water coming out from its mouth. Lol!

Lingayen is a historical place. In fact, there are old Spanish houses built a century or even decades ago. I have more to share soon when I can easily upload more pictures.

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