A Teaser for the Upcoming Steemit Philippines Community Photography Contest

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A Blessed day All my Steemit Philippines Friends!!!

To let everyone be excited about all the upcoming contests we will be doing here in our community, here is an example of what we are planning about, the Photography Contest.

Every 1st and 3rd week is the schedule for the Photography contest and each week has a different theme to follow and expect to judge by the moderators. There will be prizes to be given away and for more details about this, we will post it on the @steemitphcurator account, so please be updated.

Here is an example from what I currently handling from our church Photography Contest with the theme Preaching the Good News. Remember, be creative and must fit the theme.

Image Source: SYD3 Photography Contest Winner

This is just an example and everyone can create anything they want base on the guidelines. So please prepare yourself and enjoy our newest contest.

All Thanks and Praise be to God. 😇🙏☝

Mabuhay ang Steemit Philippines Community

Gif Footer Credits to @baa.steemit


Footer credits to @kennyroy

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This is really exciting 😊

Looking forward to this contest!

Looking forward to this contest 😊 exciting!

i can't wait! i will join for sure!

Thank you for being a good leader. Keep it up.