Steemit Philippines Community's New Verification Process[7-22-2021]

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Hello, my dear friends! Good day to all steemit blockchain members and steemitphilippines community.


I would like to introduce myself again that I am @olivia08, 51 years old, widow for 17 years. I have an only son and I have two grandchildren. One of them was there I took my username. I was born in the village of Loon ,in the island of Bohol, Philippines and part of the Visayas region.

I started steemit on December 27, 2017 and compromised my first account @deevi, so I created @olivia08. I won't forget the people behind the @olivia08 and the people who save it sometimes during my birthday mishaps. There was a drama happened and it made me stronger. Salute you guys, who were behind it. They save me!


The time I was joining steemit was a big thing to happen in my life. I have met friends in different parts of the world and I have learned a lot that I will never forget.


As the new rules of #steemitphilippines, here I am now re -introducing the entire community. I got so many attempts taking a good picture just to show creativity which I known from #steemit. Without steemit life, I am not here who became stronger. My steemit life had changed me in so many ways.

Thank you @fycee for the initiative together with @loloy2020, the founder and admin of #steemitphilippines. And pardon me if I acted like feelingers here. Just showing that I am still the Nanay Deevi to all of you . Thank you filter for making me a little bit something hahaha!
Note:disclaimer! Hayaan niyo ako. Tagal kong nag shooting nito. Palipas oras ang Nanay ninyo.

Steem On and Keep Safe!



Gif credit to @gremayo & @baa.steemit

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Wow! Nicey nicey. The generous Nay Deevie


Salamat beautiful sissu judy ann!

Ang Aking nanay-nanayan dito sa crypto.. 😊😊 hi nay deevi. 😊😊

Hallo wen!

Hello po @olivia08,

Maraming salamat po sa iyong pagsali at pag verify nang iyong sarili sa ating Steemit Philippines Community.

Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, paki bisita po ang ating Community Account.

Click po dito

Salamat ng marami.

haha katawa sad ta sa feelingers

Bitaw tinood na ba , katawa lang Sir aron dugay ta kunot.

Galing ng mga post mo Mother Goose! Kniwing you as a person is a great pleasure. Thank you for having you as one of my adviser and friend as well.

Ang ganda nya oh....masaya akong makilala ang isang kaibigan na katulad mo sister. You're a living image ng isang huwarang ina at kapatid, at isang mabuting kaibigan na may magandang puso. Keep it up!

Thumbs up nay 👍..ganda ng introductory picture mo po.. ❤️