The continuity of generations

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The continuity of generations is a concept that has recently begun to fade into the background, because the Internet has appeared, where, supposedly, you can learn everything.

But it’s not like that.

Many things can be learned only by trial and error, but under the supervision of caring parents, whose experience will not allow you to make a fatal mistake.

You will never know from the Internet, the taste of forest berries, the smell of wildflowers and mushrooms in the forest after the rain.

You need to walk many kilometers through forests and meadows to understand how beautiful this world is.

But, on the Internet, you can get additional information that will apply to the basics that your parents put into you.

The #Hive Community is a good example of hand-to-hand transfer of personal experience, it's really wonderful, because this is how information is transferred in nature.

When a bee is born, it does not immediately begin to collect honey.

She does not know how to do it.

For some time, about a month, she learns from the older generation of bees.

At this time, the young bee takes care of the bee larvae, she is a nanny.

But, over time, when she gains the necessary experience, she becomes a working bee, like #minnows in the #Hive, and she goes to collect honey.


Gradually, the bee learns in what weather it can leave the hive, and when, it is better to stay at home.

You won't see bees during an impending thunderstorm.


In the same way, my children learn. of course, they can look at the weather forecast on the Internet, but there are other options for natural barometers.

Looking at the chicory flower, you can understand what the weather will be like. If the flower is open, the weather will be clear, but if it is closed, you can expect a cold snap and a thunderstorm.


People sometimes have various phobias, for example, fear of insects, cobwebs and snakes, but. gradually, step by step, these fears disappear, in their place comes personal experience.


Ups and downs, this is normal, because this is how the chicks learn to fly.


The transfer of personal experience is always rewarded. It is difficult for me to convey that joy in my heart when I see that my children love nature, become closer to it, and gadgets are forgotten.

This photo shows my son and his first collection of wild berries.

He and I were happy.


I think that very soon, I will have to buy a second camera, or get in line so that I can use it.


Now, when we walk through the meadows, we play a game, I point to the plant, and my children name its name and useful properties.


My children have become much closer to me, I am happy.


We can say that my son was a pioneer, but now my daughters have also joined us.


To all this, you can add that my archive of photographs began to grow at a rapid pace and, in my computer, gradually. running out of free space, but it makes me happy.


These trips have become a good school of survival, now, I am calm about the future of my children. Even in difficult times, they will know what nature can give them.


You don't have to go to the ends of the world in search of adventure, it could be the outskirts of your city.


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