Dinner outside again!

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Hello, friends especially foodies!

Last night, my mom and i decided to have dinner outside and cause i had had a meeting in our company's building so i had dinner in Pacific Place Mall, SCBD-South Jakarta.

Here how it looked like


We ordered and paid first in cashier then we waited to get our orders delivered to our table.


The Menu


They sold many kind of food and drink. From western to asian, they provided all.

Some customers had already been there when we came. and they had a quite large dining area with some sofas too. A tropical interior which made it natural.


What different than before was they limited their customers' numbers.

To keep clean, like what we usually have done recently, we asked them to serve our dinner in single used box which they usually used to serve takeaway food.

After ordered, we only needed to wait around 15 minutes for our food came one by one.

Mom's came first, it was beef stirred noodle. It tasted savory and contained beef and also some vegetables inside.


Mine came then,


It was beef butter rice. The beef butter had savory and sweet flavour and here they served it with stirred vegetable which tasted a bit savory and sweet. I didn't know why they made the rice not too properly last night, kinda not well cooked. But i like the beef here, always tasty...


The Price
Mine was 48,000 IDR and mom's was 46,000 IDR so altogether it was around 94,000 IDR or 6.71 USD.


I invite you to cme here and try their many dishes.

2nd floor Pacific Place
SCBD, South Jakarta

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