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The truth can be strange and may catch you by surprise
Traveling around a world that was built on comforting lies

Trying to find a destination without knowing if it's there
If they said it then it's true, no time to search or even care

It was never your fault, this is the hand you were dealt
And if it hurts to remember you can move on and forget

Summon the Sun if it's dark and you cannot find a way out
And if it doesn't seem to help, just try to silence your doubts

But who are you and who are they, who's in charge in the end?
Are you responsible for what is going on in your head?

Which of these voices is the real you, and what about the rest?
What is the truth they have convinced you to never get off your chest?

When are you gonna find the courage to admit
That your decisions are affected by things you don't even need?

When am I gonna stop projecting all my weaknesses
Onto the ones reading the lines I'm writing as I bleed?

The truth may scare you.

But lies do not exist.

What is real anymore?

The world is going crazy and I don't really need to provide any examples of why it is. You can see it everywhere, you can hear it on the news, read it on the papers, feel it in the air. Drama, pain, tragedy, agony, fear, violence, hatred. Is this truly what this world was meant to be?

Unfortunately we are all responsible for this. Too afraid to risk and act, too numb and self-centered to even give a dime, too vainglorious to even have time to think about what we could do to help each other and change things for the better. Too worried about a future that isn't granted in the first place.

Sometimes I think that the vast majority of us have just accepted that the world is a huge mess that won't ever change, and so we only care about today. Don't get me wrong, this can be a good thing, as we are only here for a very short period of time, and so we should always look to enjoy life. But the planet won't just go away with us when our time comes.

We have a responsibility to protect our only home. We owe it to the future generations. We owe it to the very concept of life and consciousness. Abiogenesis is an extremely rare process, but here we are, looking back at the stars comprised of the very same materials responsible for our existence.

Let's all focus on enjoying the mystery of life in peace, respecting our mother Earth, and grateful for being here.

I appreciate your time.

Original Poetry & Abstract Art by @lordneroo
All Rights Reserved ©
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Nicely written, but, as to the fatalism...I am elder;y, getting to the point where each month or year is a bonus - yet, I still make plans for fighting back, in the hope of saving a few children, so that there is a future.

Giving up is never pardonable. I prefer to get angry and rant and rave, as long as it leads to my refusing to go into the night.... - and maybe doing some good.

Thanks for reading. It is great to know that you haven't given up yet, it's the least a man can do. Keep it up, and thanks for passing by!

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