Showcase Sunday: The Only Way

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Hey everyone!

It's Showcase Sunday again, and in case you 've never heard of this initiative, I'm just gonna leave this here. This is just the fourth time I am taking part in this challenge, even though it all started four months ago. I need to step up my challenge game.

This time I am sharing another short blog post I wrote two years ago that discusses the possibility to change reality by changing the way we perceive things. As humans, we're all caught up in our daily troubles, fighting for our dreams and chasing our goals. But is this life what we really wanted?

Hope you enjoy this piece.


The Only Way

No turning back now.

Finally. He had escaped. All he ever wished for was now waiting for him at the end of this road. The more he approached, the more he knew he had made the right decision. Although he wasn't sure what to expect, he knew he wanted to experience this feeling; the relief of erasing one's past.

There wasn't something in particular waiting there for him. But he desired something very specific which could be found there. You can't see it, yet it separates you from everything you miss and think about. You can't observe it even if it gets huge. Distance. That's all he needed right now. An invisible shield to protect him from everything life had been throwing at him.

No hard feelings.

Not at all. He is not that type. He is just the type to take full responsibility and rush to protect and save himself from all toxic components of his social environment. That stupid job is not what he wanted in the first place. Who cares about those stupid coworkers at the office anyway? Bunch of backstabbing snitches looking to exploit your slightest mistake and use it to their advantage. Nah, he was through with all that. He knew he loved this road.

And who cares about all those fake friends after all? Everybody pretends to care and love you when in reality they hate to see you succeed. Same people who would enjoy your failure more than their own success. Bunch of mindless beings that measure your worth by your financial power and constantly compete with everyone about everything. He was tired of their crap and sure he could spend an eternity without any sort of human interaction. He was sure he loved this road.

He couldn't care less about this society anymore. They all look dumbed down and heavily fluorided, living their whole lives in absolute ignorance and dying as slaves to the real terrorists running the show. People that are smart enough to run the machines and dumb enough to never ask any questions about anything. People that would elect the same corrupt puppets and spread the same propaganda they were fed by their masters, whose existence they absolutely ignore. They're doomed, who cares about them? This road is all he ever needed.

Not alone.

All those thoughts kept spinning in his head as he kept driving down this endless road. The process was alleviating for his spirit and mind. He was now free from everything that kept dragging his spirit in such low vibration frequencies. Even though it was just a meditation session it felt so real. This road would expand infinitely and demonstrate periodic patterns, just like the way his train of thought kept torturing his mind. He needed some distance from his own personality. His head was his own worst enemy.

You can manipulate reality by changing the way you perceive life.

Alright, that was it, and I'm thankful you took the time to read those lines. Showcase Sundays are a great chance to dig your blog and bring some of your favourite Steem posts back to the surface. Of course, I couldn't have done it without @steemchiller's magnificent tool,, so credit where it's due.

I appreciate your attention.

Original Writing & Photography by @lordneroo
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