Well look at that...it seems that we have a winner here!

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A few days ago Vitalik and Justin had a sort of discussion on Twitter.

It all started when Vitalik tweeted that he keeps an eye on HIVE, to see if for the first time ever a fork could overtake the initial project.

I had to dig a lot to find his tweet...damn...this guy must be living on Twitter...

So here it is: https://twitter.com/VitalikButerin/status/1240605327122464768

2020-03-30 17_08_16-vitalik.eth (@VitalikButerin) _ Twitter.png

What was far more interesting than the tweet itself, was Justin's response...Obviously he thought that this is never going to happen...like..ever....

2020-03-30 17_08_51-vitalik.eth on Twitter_ _This seems like a potential positive watershed moment i.png

Well...I have some bad news for ya Justin...

You see a few hours ago @coingecko finally integrated with hiveblocks and now that all pieces have fallen into place, this is how rankings look like at the moment...

2020-03-30 16_42_49-CoinGecko_ 360° Market Overview of Coins & Cryptocurrencies.png

Just a week after HIVE officially launched it is already sitting on the 60th spot, 13 spots higher than STEEM...

So I guess it can be done...

I also guess that real people / communities is what give value to every project. I mean we all knew it...we were just waiting for the official data.

Don't get me wrong here...I have nothing against Steem. How could I? I've spent a fair amount of time AND money on Steem the past 2.5 years...plus I also have a not so small stake there powered up....

It's just that I don't want to have an online boss...

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Wow.... it’s incredible to see this. We will see if Justin pumps Steem with an Airdrop for all holders of TRX.

Airdrop? Nah I don't think hell do that tbh

I don't really think the price is relevant at this moment, I do think Justin Sun will let it ride until the 13 week power down, or sooner if there is a hard fork that reduces power down time happens. In this way he gets to buy all the Steem that people going to Hive will dump, at a very good price.

Nobody can really tell...

Look at what you dug up! I too wish Steem a well journey as we continue on. It sure will be interesting to see where this all goes.

Thanks. Yeah, the next few weeks will be crucial

Just need it on CMC and then all will agree :P

It's already listed there. It's just that CMC hasn't still integrated with hiveblocks so that they can pull all the data (circulation suplly - market cap)...I expect it in the next one or 2 days.

Yeah I mean everyone knew we had a higher market cap from day one when Bittrex started allowing BTC/HIVE trading. We've been trading higher 100% of the time. Will be nice when CMC finally gets their act together. Not even displaying the correct #60 coin looks kinda bad for them.

While true, we need a bit more than $40k volume to give an accurate indication of price discovery. Not sure if that is playing a role or not for ol coinmarketcap. We need a couple of the other big exchanges to enable HIVE wallets.

We also need 3 months to pass for powerdown periods to end.

Yes there is that as well. I am in the camp that doesn't actually think steem is going to tank as much as some seem to think due to the power downs. I mean $5 million dollar volume represents over 30 million steem (potentially) at the current prices, and that is just one day's trading volume. Yes yes I know much of that is probably wash traded, but you get what I mean.

Not even displaying the correct #60 coin looks kinda bad for them.

That was the case with coingecko till 12 hours ago too.

Until they pull the data from blockhives HIVE won't have an "official" ranking. it's just a matter of 2-3 days imo

It's interesting, but I guess we're still in round one, or maybe round two. The acid test will be what the landscape looks like after people have had their 13 weeks to power down, on both sides of the fence.

Like you, I have nothing against Steem, but I have been part of numerous cases of previous dumbfuckery that caused content sites to go TU... and it was always because the active community left, and all the spammers, bots and script puppies (I know, "old" term!) remained behind. simply because there is raw activity does not lend value to a venue...

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