Toilets of Thailand #4 - Esso, Saphan Mai, Bangkok

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This filling station has only been open a year and the toilet block has a contemporary design. I know that toilets are generally more function over form but the aesthetics and generally cool, modern styling certainly adds to the experience.


Now unlike the general one cubicle, nearly always locked dump in most petrol stations in the UK, here in Thailand there is always a separate block across the forecourt which is generally kept pretty clean and tidy. There will be a smoking area ....


..........and separate, outside urinals for the gents and a disabled toilet and in this case, even a wheelchair ramp leading from the disabled parking spot. Disabled parking spots here are normally parked in by anyone sadly as they are near the door and as there is no blue badge scheme, most people don't give a fuck. Anyway....


Plus points here go to the fact they had soap dispenser which was actually full and some nice vending machines outside which sold cold refreshing beverages but the huge positive for me is that all but one of the 'traps' had proper sit-down style toilets with flushes. Not a bucket of water, squatter and plastic scoop in sight. Excellent.


A very nice line of clean porcelain!


Bum gun neatly coiled and ready for action. Marks lost for discarded tab end on the floor, plastic bum gun as opposed to stainless steel and no free bog roll.

Additional marks were gained for the delightful array of potted plants, the lovely epoxied faux cobblestones and the interesting signage created from metal. Top class in my opinion!


From a design perspective, I loved the use of contrasting materials and patterns. The gunmetal grey mesh was an excellent if rather clichéd touch.

Overall, an enjoyable experience and delightful ambience and I score them a very highly regarded overall 7/10

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The thing that gets me about Thailand bathrooms is that they tend to almost never have any soap, which i find very strange.

LOL.......its better these days at the service areas and toilets at the supermarkets but in the bars and restos, not so much. BUT we at least have alcohol gel everywhere now!