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Hello Everyone

Crypto is a kind of segment that is backed by high-end technology known as Blockchain and [also a transparent payment system. With the increasing awareness and crypto and blokchain its necessary to educate people about crypto and blockchain.



There are many YouTubers who are creating videos to share knowledge and awareness about crypto but there are hardly a few exchanges that are working in this area. In India, we have almost 20 exchanges dealing in crypto but very few are focusing on knowledge share and making more people aware of this new world.

CoinDCX has started an initiative with the name of DCX Learn and its way to educate people. I think that crypto is not just about an investment instrument that one can just buy and HODL instead if we try to learn more then we can do better research and invest wisely.

Crypto trading sounds similar to traditional stock trading but having knowledge about the basics is quite important. India is one of the biggest emerging crypto markets and these days when Bitcoin price is mooning so huge number of people joining this space everyday. Sharing awareness and knowledge will help people to understand better and clear their doubts if any. This will help people to clear their mindset who says that crypto is illegal and a Ponzi scheme.

The complete knowledge is very good but partially Knowledge is very bad and with this initiative, this exchange is trying to fill the gap. The Crypto community has become much better as compared to the year 2017 and hope that in the coming years this will get even better. I expect more exchanges to take part in and spread knowledge about crypto and blockchain.

Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, skills, or objects. By most accounts, knowledge can be acquired in many different ways and from many sources, including but not limited to perception, reason, memory, testimony, scientific inquiry, education, and practice.




Crypto and Blockchain are vast and not everyone is technical enough to understand all about it in a few days but with reading and study, things can improve. If we expect mass adoption then we have to bring more people onboard and without knowledge its hard.

Looking forward to seeing more exchanges joining this move and hope more people get benefitted from this drive.

Thank you so much

Have a great weekend.


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Knowing and educating yourself about the chains of blocks and the digital ecosystems of the ctiptomonedas is very important, since this is the era of the digital economy and it is important to know its technological part is a future investment that can give us great options for benefits

What you said is absolutely correct and I expect more exchanges to follow the trend. Thanks for sharing feedback.

Hii @alokkumar121
I have no doubt that education in this aspect is transcendental for the mass adoption of finances in cryptos. Let's hope that this project can be executed by other important exchange houses worldwide.

Thanks for your nice comment my friend. Have a great day

I expect more exchanges to take part in and spread knowledge about crypto and blockchain.

I am optimistic and I believe that we are already entering a period of bonanza for all, and especially altcoins.

I also hope that alt coin rally is about to come after bitcoin and looking forward to witness it. thanks

Greetings friend @alokkumar121

Always these theoretical elements will be well received, thanks for socializing this initiative of CoinDCX. I agree with your point of view, certainly to have a complete panorama or knowledge has its advantages, but to ignore something like this in a partial way, is very disadvantageous and more if it is to put in game our resources. Thanks for sharing this kind of fresh content. We will continue reading.

hello friend @lupafilotaxia
I hope to see many more exchanges follow the same trend so that more people can learn and spread awareness of crypto. thanks.